Breath Play/Asphyxiation

Breath play, choking, and blood chokes are some of my all time favorite activities. Nothing gets my blood pumping faster.

Do you dream of a hand over your mouth, holding your head firm while you struggle for air?

Do you get turned on at the thought of being in tight bondage and having the smell and taste of latex fill your senses while I cover your face with a sheet of latex?

Do you lust for the loss of control that comes when you have an arm around your throat and you slowly begin to lose consciousness? Or is it the sudden rush of sound and sensation that hits you when you come back that you can’t get enough of?

Perhaps it is the panic that begins to build when you have a bag over your head and your air slowly begins to run out. Or maybe gas masks?

Whether you are an avid breath play fan, or a first timer interested to see what it might be like, I can  fulfill your needs.